Anti Slip Floor Coatings Make for Beautiful and Safe Spaces

July 18, 2019


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Non-slip floor coatings are crucial for all places, be it indoors or outdoors. Slip and fall accidents are not only restricted to workplaces or commercial buildings, but it can also happen in your private home. These accidents may lead to serious injuries. Since it is not possible to always be careful whilst walking as life is extremely busy, a slip can happen to anybody. The ideal way to deal with this problem and avoid fall accidents is to apply an anti slip floor coating.

Non-slip floor coatings are important for homes, but more so in commercial places as if somebody slips and falls in the workplace, the business owner or the owner of the office will be facing a lawsuit. This can result in huge medical expenses, as well as, compensation. Moreover, the reputation of the company or restaurant will be at stake. In case the injury is severe, the company might even lose experienced and hardworking employees. Taking all of this into consideration, it can be said that it is vital to address maintenance and slip resistance of floors. This will enhance floor safety and prevent tripping and falling.

Benefits of anti slip floor coatings
Anti slip floor coatings make surfaces resistant to slipping and provides several advantages to prevent accidents in residential and commercial spaces. Non-slip floor coating for homes ensures that the residents including adults and kids are safe. As for commercial spaces, you can enjoy the following benefits:

 Prevention of accidents, thereby, avoiding lawsuits and litigation, which results in saving money

 Create a safe work environment for employees, staff, clients and visitors, and therefore, enhancing productivity

 During the application of non-slip floor coating, there is minimum to no disruption of business activities as the whole process does not take very long
 Slip resistant flooring helps to decrease the overall administration costs, protect the reputation of the company or workplace, enhance the lifespan of the floor surface and help to maintain the aesthetics.

Non-slip floor coating is a necessary slip resistance treatment for offices, commercial buildings, commercial kitchens and restaurants, private homes, schools, gyms and so on. A non-slippery floor makes sure that the people walking on it are safe.

How can you know that you need to apply non-slip floor coating?
One way to know if your floor is slippery is after an accident. However, for workplaces and commercial spaces, waiting for accident to happen is not a good idea. As such, the best way to find out if your floor surface is slippery is by carrying out a slip resistance test. In the UK, the pendulum slip test is the recommended and recognised test that even the courts accept. This test can be carried out on-site or you can send a little part of your floor to specialists for in-house testing.

The pendulum test is considered to be a standard anti slip floor test and it has been specifically designed to mimic someone’s heel strike to the point at which falls and slips occur. When someone’s heel touches a wet floor, a fluid film is formed between them and this is what causes a slip. This test shows results in wet conditions as it produces a similar fluid between the floor and the slider. The pendulum test can be used to accurately gauge the slip potential on dry and clean or even contaminated floors. It also works well with dry contaminants. This is the preferred method of testing as the test is portable and brilliantly works in conditions where accidents happen.

So, schedule a slip resistance test and make sure to only trust experienced specialists. If the test reveals that the PTV value of your floor is less than 36, you need to consider applying an anti slip floor coating. This will prevent accidents and give your floor surface a long life.

6 Reasons To Get The Office Floors Stripped And Waxed

July 18, 2019


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It does not matter to us which kind of floor is important. The types of floor are significant for the people who have interesting kind of office accessories and want their place to look unique every day. Would you want the tiles to appear old and grouchy when someone enters your temperature? We have to look ahead for the happy days that are more determined by safety and confidence from some of the employees. A person does not have to hate the management if they intend to leave the building. There are certain ways that make us a successful person in front of the management if you love the place and do not want to leave the gorgeous floors. Here are some of the most amazing benefits of hiring a floor stripping and waxing service in Atlanta GA.

1. Office appearance determines business success

The glossier and pretty your office looks, the more successful you appear to your rivals. Giving out an image of threat will maximize your interest in the business and share the message that you are not going to fail that easy.

2. A new look for the boring place

Making the whole office look like a new place just after many people have accepted the old appearance and got used to it. This will make the workplace look more attractive and interesting.

3. Preserving the actual floor

Saving the real floor surface is only possible when you understand the type of floor and realize that what kinds of material will serve the purpose. The waxed layer on the top will make the life of your floor longer and you can easily get the process done again in case you feel like having a dull surrounding again.

4. Lesser expenses

When we look at the thing around us in an office, floors are the main and most expansive element of the office. You can easily move to the next level of décor if the floor is being waxed in less money than you expected.

5. A good environment for the employees

Keep people happy and motivated by these small changes. A great looking work environment makes the people feel like they are worth more and deserve to work in a shiny glossy office. It has been studied that minor changes in the workplace keep the people interested in what they are doing for a longer period.

6. Some basic don’t of the field

While working on the process of stripping and waxing, you need to understand that some of the things are completely avoided to maintain a healthy lifestyle and constant happiness. Some of the things that we need to care about are:

• Ignoring the appropriate sealing material for the roof
• Less use of sensitization products on the floor where someone was working
• Need to use the protective gear to avoid any injuries.
• Take smaller steps and do not start with a challenging area in the office
• Don’t be hasty about applying a various number of quotes.
• Replacing the old school drying equipment with a vacuum cleaner.

Hopefully, the discussion will guide you the next time you would want to get a stripping and waxing a floor job.