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Clean Better With Bounty

July 18, 2019

Home Improvement

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Keeping the house clean can often times seem like an impossible task. However, with a bit of elbow grease and a few smart cleaning tips from the experts, you can be sure that your kitchen, bathroom, and living room look and feel fantastic no matter what time of year. Read more about house cleaning toronto.

In the Kitchen:
Use Bounty Paper Towels whenever you prepare food or do routine cleaning.
Not only is this brand of paper towel number one for absorbency and toughness, but Bounty is known for its uncanny ability to pick up and scrub away some of the toughest spots and stains. When combined with a powerful cleaner, Bounty Paper Towels can simplify anyone’s kitchen cleaning experience.
Grind the skins of oranges, lemons, and limes in the garbage disposal with a handful of ice cubes.
The texture of the ice cubes sharpens the blades while the citrus leaves behind a great scent.

In the Bathroom:
Smooth white paste car wax onto a cloth & rub it on the sides of a porcelain-enamel tub.
Not only will it leave a shine but it will also create a protective barrier against water-and-soap buildup, making future clean up easier than ever. Be sure to avoid but the nonslip surface.
Spread out the shower curtain after use.
Mildew grows faster in bunched-up folds and your bathroom will appear nicer!
Unclog a drain using a homemade mixture of vinegar and baking soda.
Pour 1/2 to 1 cup of baking soda down the drain, then slowly pour 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar after it. Let sit for five minutes. Follow with a gallon of boiling water.

In the Living Room:
Keep a dusting cloth in various handy places throughout your house
This way, whenever you see dust forming, you can handle it immediately.
Dust wooden furniture with a bit of olive oil and a dry rag.
Not only is this a natural alternative to harsh chemicals, but the oil will keep your furniture looking shiny and beautiful.
Use a dryer sheet to remove pet hair and dander from furniture.
Dryer sheets are a great, inexpensive way to get rid of pet hair and dander, especially if your guests have allergies. Their unique fibers allow them to quickly grab and trap both.

Stone Countertops

July 18, 2019

Home Improvement

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It’s the one feature in your bathroom or kitchen that could make or break the finished look: the countertop.

But choosing a countertop that is both stylish and practical can be a bit overwhelming. First, you have to pick out a color scheme that complements the kitchen’s overall look. And deciding which type to choose also can be overwhelming. Marble? Quartz? Granite?

While the above are important, there are three areas critical to any decision regarding countertops. Here are some tips on how to select the best countertop for your needs.

Three Tips for Buying Countertops

1. Durability

Perhaps there is nothing worse than investing in a prominent home feature only to have to replace it in a short period of time. You can avoid making this mistake with stone countertops by researching which material will hold up best over time. For example, marble countertops look stunning but may not stand up as well as granite. Overall, choose resilience over fashion for this stand out attribute in your kitchen.

2. Maintenance

When choosing a stone countertop, it may be helpful to consider your lifestyle. Do you live alone and rarely cook? Go ahead and splurge on that marble slab. But if you have a family or just a generally busier lifestyle that involves lots of action in the kitchen area, consider going with granite, quartz, or even stainless steel countertops. Granite, for example, is both stain and chip resistant, giving you the most value over time. But it requires resealing every so often, a minor maintenance issue. By comparison, quartz isn’t as porous as granite and doesn’t require resealing.

3. Cost

Typically, the price of stone countertops can range from under $10 to $200 a square foot, making it an affordable option at any price point. Costs can fluctuate depending on the grade or treatment of the material, color, and size. Another factor to consider is the cost of the labor for installation. The best way to ensure you can get the stone countertop you want is to research different stones styles and materials and incorporate that into the total budget for your kitchen or bathroom.

How Kitchen Backsplash Choices Can Make or Break your Interior Design

July 18, 2019

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If you select the right kitchen backsplash for your kitchen you may end up on the cover of popular interior design publications for your great style and selection, however, if you choose the wrong backsplash you’ll throw off the entire look of your new kitchen. With so many kitchen backsplash materials and looks available today it is important to select a material and style that will highlight your overall kitchen decor and show off its uniqueness and individuality. Lets review some of the kitchen backsplash options available today:

You can follow literally hundreds of kitchen tile backsplash ideas and themes using ceramic tile installations for your backsplash. Using tiles as your backsplash can really give you a chance to be creative and show off your unique style. There are thousands of artistic and artesian tiles you can order that can be a unique design centerpiece to your backsplash installation. If you go this route, the longest time in this process is usually trying to narrow your pick down to that special tile you like. Expect to spend a lot of time online browsing the thousands of available styles.

Along the ceramic tile backsplash theme you can also select a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to create your own unique mosaic kitchen backsplash ideas. Again, your choices are staggering here, but if done right can really make your kitchen look spectacular. Its best to work with an interior designer or color expert to identify the best background and accent colors to use on your backsplash design.

Growing in popularity is the stainless steel kitchen backsplash installation with its cool, sleek and minimalist look. Its easy to keep clean, won’t stain or rust, and is great for clean minimalist design concepts. Stainless steel backsplashes are very popular is new lofts and urban condominiums.

For a real shine and brilliance you may want to consider a glass tile backsplash installation. Available in almost any color and size, glass tiles can offer a real brilliant and clean looking shine to any kitchen backsplash.

Tin backsplash panels are a truly unique installation option that can work very well with some new modern designs as well as complementing more rustic interior design palettes. With so many stamped designs available there are a lot of selection options to consider.

Another popular metal backsplash option is using copper to give your kitchen that warm glow that only copper can provide. Great for country kitchen styles and other more rustic design preferences.

Bring the natural outdoors inside your kitchen with a beautiful slate kitchen backsplash. Slate is an obvious choice for high end lodges and natural wood finishes and goes well with other natural colors in your kitchen.

For a truly unique backsplash idea that will make a design statement in you kitchen consider going with soapstone. This material is beautiful to look at, is extremely durable and gives a real high-end finished look to any countertop.